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In addition to the surgical consult you will be booked into the Pre-admission clinic at Hollywood Hospital or Bethesda Hospital. A pre-admission nurse will interview you and provide information relating to your procedure. There is a Health Questionnaire that will need to be completed either in the clinic or on-line. You will receive information on this from the hospital directly. I will be able to access this information and review your medical history. You will not need to attend an additional clinic for your anaesthetic assessment. I will call you before the surgery to discuss your anaesthetic and review any special considerations, requests or concerns that you may have.


For larger operations in patients who are elderly or who have more complex medical conditions, your surgeon may refer you to see a peri-operative physician and rehabilitation specialist for a full assessment. The physician will provide a comprehensive pre-operative check-up on all your medical conditions. They will do this in consultation with your regular GP or other primary specialists (such as cardiologists) or anyone else you attend as needed to obtain a complete understanding of your medical history and needs. They will advise on medications and preparation for surgery. Physician reports will be sent directly to your anaesthetist for review. The physician will also follow up and see you on the ward after your operation and arrange for further rehabilitation as needed.

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