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What time should I come to hospital?

You will be asked to come to the hospital at least 2 hours before your surgery is due to commence. You can expect to be contacted the day before your operation by the admissions nursing team to confirm the time. If you need to know before this date please contact the hospital. 

When you arrive at the hospital you will be checked in at the admission unit and all the final checks prior to surgery performed. The hospital will usually ask you to come in well in advance of the operation time usually at least 2 hours. Some operations are of unpredictable duration and may over-run so that longer delays are not uncommon. Please bring something to read or something to keep you entertained while you wait. Your patience is much appreciated. Remember that you are allowed drink clear fluids up to 2 hours before your surgery so you can check with your admissions nurse when you arrive as to what time your operation is scheduled. If there are any further delays you may be able to have another drink while you wait.

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