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I understand that needle phobia is a common source of extreme anxiety for some patients. We see this frequently and I have many ways of helping you through your surgery. 

First of all I acknowledge the validity of the fear and the types of responses needle phobia can generate including fainting, vomiting, and total avoidance of Doctors on occasion.

I will discuss your specific concerns with you in as much detail as needed before your operation. We can agree on a plan for you to make it as smooth as possible. Sedating pre-medication tablets will be available on arrival to the hospital. We can apply EMLA cream which is a topical local anaesthetic and I have available super-small local anaesthetic needles which will considerably lessen any sensations during canulation or injection.

While some patients may have gone to sleep in the past using "gas" to breathe rather than intravenous anaesthetic this will not be a primary choice but we can discuss this in more detail before your surgery.

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